Alert - failed database task

Database task failed warning is an alert sent by Safetica ONE to inform a user that some database task went wrong.

You can check an error log in Safetica Management Console in Maintenance -> Database management (Visualization mode) -> Tasks tab.

Common reasons for DB tasks failures:

  • The task was scheduled to a time when the computer was shut down or the database was inaccessible and the archivation task was not rescheduled automatically,
  • There was not enough disk space (possibly due to the growth of log file during logs deletion),
  • There was not enough space in database (or in a filegroup),
  • Other reasons - the task was not planned due to the collision with another task with the same execution time. 

Tips and possible solutions:

  • Try to perform a backup of a different (older) time period. It is possible that an active client attempts to write data into the selected backup period and thus violates the integrity of the database.
  • Reschedule the database task to a different time (midnight for example), to make sure that no client is active and there are no data flowing into database.
  • Temporarily disable endpoint connection to database (during the time of database task execution) by either adding the firewall rule or by temporary change of incoming port for endpoint connection to the Safetica Management Service, which can be done by following instructions in this article: Change of incoming port for endpoint connection to Safetica Management Service
  • Perform database task again.
  • Clear more space on hard drive, or in SQL database itself.