Alert - large database

Large database warning is an alert sent by Safetica ONE to inform the admin that the MS SQL Server database size exceeded a defined threshold.

The Express Edition of the SQL Server is suitable for smaller companies but there are some limitations. The most important limitation is that the maximum size of each relational database is 10 GB (MDF file). Do not forget that you must have a sufficient free space on the drive where the SQL server running because of LDF file which is unlimited.

You can check the size of Safetica databases in Safetica Management Console in Maintenance -> Database management (Settings mode) -> Maintenance tab. There you can see Available disk space, Database data size, Transaction log size and Available space in database. You can also check the space occupied by particular features in the Database data size and find out which functions generate high quantities of logs.


You can use archivation tasks in Maintenance -> Database management (Settings mode) -> Tasks tab to delete old logs in the current database. You can add either archivation task that creates an archive and then removes old logs, or an archivation task that just removes old logs.

Please consider the level of logging set in functions settings. For example, if you have to log local file operations you might optimize your settings by adding some specific extension into your settings in Files -> Show advanced settings -> Log specified extensions only. This will affect local file operations only.