Alert - low disk space

Low disk space warning is an alert sent by Safetica to inform the admin that a server is running out of disk space.

When this message appears, some actions should be taken to resolve this error. Otherwise, it may cause issues.

First please check if you meet Safetica system requirements here.

There is a difference between Safetica Management Service disk space and database disk space. You can install Safetica Management Service separately from SQL Server. Please check the requirements for disk space and database disk space as well. LDF file can occupy significantly more space than the main file, so there has to be enough free space even for the Express edition of MS SQL.

Tips to resolve the alert: 

Insufficient space on drive for databases (SQL Server computer)

  • Free disk space by removing unnecessary files,
  • Change the default backup files location,
  • Move databases to another location,
  • Move the log file to another disk which could be beneficial in terms of performance.

Disk space of server data folder is running low (Safetica Management Service computer)

  • Free disk space by removing unnecessary files.