Batch installation of Safetica using GPO

If you are using Active Directory, you can bulk install the Downloader Agent using a Group Policy.

In this article, you will find an example of bulk Safetica installation using Group Policy in Windows Server 2016. Individual steps may vary slightly depending on your version of the server system:


1. Extract the Downloader Agent installation package from Safetica Universal Installer.

2. Save the Downloader Agent to a network share and set access rights (Read & execute will be sufficient) to this folder for the desired group (probably Domain Users and Domain Computers) - in case of any access issues please set the access rights to Full Control for Everyone.

3. Go to Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management (Start > type gpmc.msc).


4. Right-click the organizational unit to which you want to deploy the Downloader Agent and select Create a GPO in this domain, and link it here...


5. Name the new object (e.g. Safetica Deployment).

6. Right-click your newly created Group Policy and select Edit.


7. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings and click Software installation.


8. Right-click into the window pane with a list of software and select New > Package ...


9. Navigate to the shared network folder where you copied the Downloader Agent and select it.


10. Select Assigned and confirm with OK.


11. Open Computer Setup > Management Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer. Find the item Always install with elevated privileges and set it to Enabled. This ensures that the Downloader Agent is installed to endpoints properly and without problems.


12. After rebooting the endpoints for which the policy was created, the Downloader Agent will install automatically.

13. To enforce policy updates, enter the gpupdate /force command on endpoints.