Brute-force attack protection

Learn how Safetica protects the Safetica Management Service password and the local administrator password against brute-force attacks.

During a brute-force attack, the attacker tries to submit all possible passwords, until they find the correct one.

How it works

In both Safetica Management Service and Safetica Client, every user has 100 attempts to log in. If they exceed this limit, they are blocked from logging in for 10 minutes.

When logging from Safetica Management Console to Safetica Management Service, each user account is evaluated separately. So there are 100 attempts in 10 minutes for each user. 

For Safetica Clients, all attempts are grouped - the user is not distinguished.

Account lockout

If the number of log-in attempts is exceeded, further logging is blocked and an "Wrong password to Safetica inserted multiple times" alert is generated. It contains the user account name, computer, and IP address.

Logs about logging in

In Safetica Management Console > Access Management (in Records mode), you can find all the authentication attempts (both successful and unsuccessful). Known user accounts are listed along with the computer name. For unknown accounts, the record is saved with "unknown" user and an empty computer.