Create exception for problematic device

When does a problem with a device occur?

Safetica uses its own device driver for device protection. This driver filters all connected devices to endpoints. Some devices may not work correctly when Safetica driver filters them. These devices are typically security tokens or similar devices which can be used to access sensitive systems. These devices doesn't necessary require to be protected by Safetica and that's why you can exclude them from this protection.

How to create an exception for a device

In Safetica Management Console

Go to Maintenance -> Integration settings, section Problematic Devices and click Add device. When Select devices window appears, choose a device which you want to add to exceptions. Once the device is selected, proceed with Add devices button located bellow the list.

Window Select devices contains all devices which were connected to endpoints with Safetica.

You can also create an exception using Hardware ID which can define one specific device or all devices within a specific class. Go to Maintenance -> Integration settings, section Problematic Devices and click Add device button. Then type Hardware ID to identify the device and Description to name the device properly (for example USB\VID for all USB device, USB\HARDLOCK for all hardware key). You can find the ID hardware in Windows Device Manager (Right click to the Start Button and select Device Manager).

Problematic device displays a general error code (see picture below) which defines the conflict between external device and Windows. You can find most common error codes after clicking on the link below. 
Error codes in device manager:

In WebSafetica

Go to Management -> Server and database, Trusted devices section. After clicking the Add device the list of all registered devices is shown. Then, you can use the search bar and check, if the device required is in the list. If so, you can simply mark the device using the checkbox and click the Add device button. If not, the device can be added to exceptions manually. Just switch the option at the top from Select from list to Add manually. When adding the device manually some additional information is required. Once the form is completed, you can proceed by clicking the Add device button.