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Data protection on devices without Safetica

If there are devices in your network without Safetica product, there are potential risks of your data not being protected. Even with one device without Safetica, the risks are:

  • Security policies are not applied on this workstation (file restrictions, external devices control, printers access, etc.)
  • Tagged files are not restricted
  • New files are not tagged
  • Tagged and untagged data can be uploaded to web, network or copied to unknown external device
  • User activities are not being monitored

To avoid these risks, here are some recommendations how to be aware of new devices in the network and make sure that Safetica is installed on every workstation.

For very small companies, connecting of new devices can be checked on personal level. One option is to restrict access to company network using a private WiFi password, which is not public among employees.

For larger companies which already have Active Directory, we recommend to allow access to servers and data only using Active Directory accounts. You can also create a global GPO policy that will automatically install Safetica onto new stations. 

Another option is to use standard 802.1X, which can solve authentication to network with certificate, which means that every device needs to go through some authorization process. If there is an administrator involved in this process, he can install Safetica before connecting the device to the network.