Enterprise Mobility Management in Safetica Mobile

With the new WebSafetica 9.6, we are introducing our Enterprise Mobility Management solution based on Android work profiles. In previous versions, our main aim was to protect mobile devices as a whole and focus on finding or wiping them in case of theft or loss. With our new EMM solution, users will be able to separate work-related apps, accounts and data into work profiles that are protected by Safetica.

The previous mode is still available in case you do not want to use the new EMM solution.

If you would like to use our EMM solution, there are several prerequisites that need to be met:

  1. The new version of Safetica Mobile must be installed on your mobile devices.
  2. You must activate the EMM solution in WebSafetica.
  3. The mobile device must be encrypted.

    If the mobile device is not encrypted, the user will be asked for encryption during work profile enrollment. If the user confirms, encryption will be performed immediately. After reboot, Android will notify the user that they should finish the work profile enrollment process.

    To use the EMM solution, two steps need to be performed. The administrator first has to activate EMM in WebSafetica. Users then have to enroll their work profiles in Safetica Mobile.

    Activating EMM in WebSafetica 

    1. Log in to WebSafetica.
    2. Go to General -> Safetica Mobile Settings. Next to Android EMM, click connect.
    3. You will be forwarded to Google Play to fill in some basic information like business name and contact details. Please follow the instructions on these pages.
    4. After finishing the registration process, you will be forwarded back to WebSafetica.

    Enrolling a work profile in Safetica Mobile

    After the administrator activates EMM in WebSafetica and users update their devices with the new version of Safetica Mobile, they will be able to activate their Android work profiles:

    1. Click the pop-up notification that appears.
    2. Click the Create work profile button.
    3. A Google page appears followed by a warning that the app will reboot and a new one will be deployed.
    4. The work profile is activated.

    The older app will be disabled in Google Play. The new app will appear in the new work-related Google Play.

    When using an app, you can tell it belongs to the work profile by the briefcase icon in the upper part of the screen.