First installation of Safetica server and clients

Follow these steps when you are installing Safetica for the first time, and you want to install and configure Safetica server and first clients.

First step is installing Safetica on a server:

  1. Download Safetica installation package to the server from this link: 
  2. Run the installation file and select Automatic installation (recommended).

    Tip: If you already have an SQL database in place, choose Manual installation to install each component separately and connect Safetica to your server. Please follow instructions in Safetica Installation Manual.
  3. Click Next to confirm the License Agreement, Hardware requirements and SQL Server license terms
  4. Click Install on the Ready to install screen to start the automatic installation of MS SQL Express server, Safetica Management Service and Safetica Management Console.
  5. The installation can take up to 30 minutes. Once the process is finished, please restart your server as required by the MS SQL Server installation.

Then please run the Safetica Management Console and go through the initial configuration and deployment of endpoints:

  1. Run Safetica Management Console. The initial setup will start automatically.
  2. Check the SMTP server configuration (you can use the default settings) and enter your Administrator password. This will be used to access Safetica Management Console in the future.
    Note: The password cannot be recovered if lost.
  3. Import Active Directory if needed. If you don't have a domain set up in your network you can skip this step.
  4. Click Get Downloader Agent, and run this file on at least one endpoint. You will need to distribute this file to all endpoints that will be protected by Safetica.
    Note: All further actions on endpoints will be done remotely using the Downloader Agent.
    Tip: You can deploy Downloader Agent to your endpoints in domain using a GPO policy. For more details see User Manual or this article. You can also use a remote administration tool, for example ESET PROTECT.
  5. Once you have Safetica Downloader Agent installed on at least one computer, you will see this computer in Safetica Management Console.
  6. Click Automatically enroll endpoints. Safetica Client will be installed onto all available endpoints with Safetica Downloader Agent.
    Note: You will need to reboot these endpoints to finish the installation.
  7. Proceed to the next step and enter your Safetica license key.
  8. Select your preferred default profile, and then click Start protection.

Once you finish the initial setup, you will be able to access all features in Safetica Management Console and view data from the endpoints. We recommend to start exploring Safetica with the Discovery module, which contains all monitoring features and audit logs. This will give you good basis for understanding and managing Safetica.