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How to add new customers

Learn how to add new Safetica NXT or DEMO customers and check their deployment status afterwards.

You can add two types of customers in Safetica HUB:

Customer type                                                          Description

New customer A customer who purchased Safetica NXT and is prepared to use the solution in their environment.
DEMO customer A DEMO customer with dummy data that can be used to introduce Safetica features during sales demonstrations. This type of customer should be removed when it is no longer needed.


Adding a new customer in Safetica HUB is pretty straightforward. You can watch a video to see how it is done:

How to add new customer
  1. Sign in to Safetica HUB using your Azure credentials.
  2. Click Add customer.
  3. Choose which type of customer to add and click Next.
  4. Add the company name.

You can also edit the Short company name – a simplified alias with maximum 10 characters without spaces which is displayed in Safetica NXT.

  5.  Enter your customer's contact details.

  6.  Review the entered information. If everything is correct, proceed by clicking Add. This will start the deployment of the environment which can take a few minutes.

  7.  You can see the status of your new customer in the Customer status column.

  8.  After deployment is finished, you can visit your new customer’s Safetica NXT by clicking in the Actions column.

A new account is automatically created for the newly deployed customer in Safetica Partner System. It is then linked to the respective partner's account. This way, you can add a new customer end-to-end without contacting Safetica Support.




    Check the deployment status of your customer

    You can encounter the following deployment options in the Customer status column:

    Customer status                                                        Description

    Customer deployment in progress. You cannot visit their Safetica NXT yet.
    Customer is fully deployed. You can visit their Safetica NXT by clicking in the Actions column.
    Customer removal in progress after you click in the Actions column.

    An action other than Deploying or Deleting is running.

    Unspecified issue related to the customer.

    An action other than Failed to deploy or Failed to delete failed.

    It was not possible to deploy the new customer.
    It was not possible to delete the customer.

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