How to add web certificate to WebSafetica IIS server

When you install WebSafetica and access it in your web browser, you may receive a notification that the connection is not private. This is because WebSafetica runs on a secured HTTPS protocol by default, but there is no SSL certificate associated with WebSafetica in the IIS server. 

To remove the prompt about the private connection when accessing WebSafetica, you will need an SSL certificate issued for your domain (the URL on which WebSafetica is running), and then add it into your IIS server. You can use your existing SSL certificate, or use a free service Let’s Encrypt ( to create a new one for your network.

Once you have the SSL certificate, please do the following to load it into your IIS server:

  1. Open IIS (Internet Information Services) Manager.
  2. Select your server, and then click Server Certificates in the center part of the window (section IIS).
  3. In the right part of the window, section Actions, click Import....
  4. Choose the certificate and insert password.
  5. Set Certificate Store to Personal, enable the option Allow this certificate to be exported, and then click OK.
  6. In Sites select:
    1. Default Web Site (if you have WebSafetica older than version 7.10.10)
    2. Safetica Web Site (from WebSafetica 7.10.10 to latest)
  7. In the right part of the window, section Actions, click Bindings...
  8. Select https, and then click Edit....
  9. Under SSL certificate select your certificate, and then click OK.

Your server will now use the SSL certificate to secure the connection to WebSafetica, and the warning will not be displayed any more when accesing the website.