How to collect debug logs and submit them to Safetica Support

Sometimes you may be asked by Safetica Support to provide debug logs for analysis. Please follow these steps to collect and submit the logs correctly.

A. Enable debug logging level on the stations and induce the problem:

  1. Open Safetica Management Console.
  2. Right click on the affected station in User tree and select Enable Active management
  3. Wait until the settings are applied on the endpoint station.
  4. Reproduce the problem on endpoint station.

B. Collect the logs and upload them for analysis:

  1. Open Safetica Management Console.
  2. Go to Maintenance -> Information collection.
  3. Click on Add collecting task.
  4. Choose Custom Collection Type.
  5. Select:
    debugLog.txt, Service_log (switch the slider to All), Debug.db, Agent_log (switch the slider to All), SupportTool
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the computer or group of computers where you induced the problem.
  8. Click on Finish.
  9. Wait for all logs to be collected and click on Download.
  10. Upload the downloaded logs to for analysis.