How to collect logs from Safetica server

In order to enable gathering logs from the Safetica server please open Safetica console and in the Profile section select the Settings next to the affected server - in the server settings then go to the last section Other settings and change the logging level to Verbose -> Finish.
Once the logs are enabled please reproduce the issue you encountered and then collect the created logs;
  1. Open Safetica Console.
  2. Go to Maintenance - Information collection (Settings mode)
  3. Click on Add collecting task
  4. Choose From SMS Collection Type
  5. Click on Finish
  6. Wait for all logs that are gathered and click on Download.
  7. Upload the downloaded logs to for analysis
Once the logs are gathered and sent please open the server settings again and turn down the log generation back to Errors so a generation of the extended logs will be stopped.