How to create account with access to data from only one group

Information in this article applies to Safetica ONE 10 or older.

In this example, we want to allow a newly created account to access monitored data only from one group. This account won't be able to see data from other groups.

  1. Log in to Safetica Management Console.
  2. Go to Maintenance - Access Management.
  3. Click Add account, use Account typeCustom.
  4. After the account is created, you have to select the Root entity in the user tree, select the newly created account and set all functions to Deny (this should be the default for Custom account type).
  5. Then select the specific group in the user tree and set up Full access (or View records).
  6. Approve the settings by clicking the checkmark button in the upper-right corner and log out from Safetica.
  7. Log in again with the newly created account and verify the access.