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How to deploy Safetica Downloader Agent using ESET Remote Administrator (ERA)

Follow these steps to install Safetica Downloader Agent using the ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) tool:

A. Upload the Safetica Downloader Agent file into a shared network folder:

    1. Create a shared network folder e.g. “\\DC.domain.com\msi”
    2. Grant read permissions for domain users and domain computers for this shared folder.
      Tip: Verify that the permissions are set correctly by accessing the folder from one other computer/user.
    3. Copy the file safetica_agent.msi into this folder.

B. Create a Client Task in ERA to launch this file on all stations:

  1. In ERA create a New Client Task.
  2. Fill in the Basic section and select Task Software install.
  3. In Target section add computers onto which you want to install Safetica.
  4. In Settings select and fill in:
    Install by direct package URL: file://\\DC.safetica.com\msi\safetica_agent.msi
  5. Confirm the settings.

This will install Safetica Downloader Agent onto the stations and you will be able to see the endpoints in Safetica Console, and to install Safetica Client onto these stations.