How to filter aggregated events

Learn how to find what you need within aggregated events

All files that are part of an aggregated event are displayed as a sub-table in the event detail, which can be opened by clicking the little arrow on the left . This way, the admin can easily investigate the contents of a particular mass transfer and quickly locate relevant files.

The sub-table doesn't offer its own filtering, sorting, or paging. Filtering of the sub-table is handled via the main table filter .

When a filter is applied, individual operations within aggregated events are filtered as well, so only the ones that match the filter are displayed. This way, the admin can immediately see what interests them. For example, if they filter the .pdf extension, both the main Event overview table and the sub-tables of all aggregated events will only show .pdf files.

Filtering aggregared

Risky events are always displayed at the top of the sub-table.

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