How to manually import Safetica certificate to Firefox

Problems with Safetica certificate when using Firefox can be resolved by restarting the endpoint computer. If the restart doesn't help, you will need to manually import Safetica certificate to the Firefox cert store. Here's how you can do it with the help of Google Chrome.

  1. Use Google Chrome to find out what certificate is used.
    • Open Google Chrome and visit some https website, e.g.
    • Press F12 and select Security.
    • Click on View certificate
    • Remember the number in brackets in the Issues by part - E.g. Safetica Technologies s.r.o. (85778)

  2. Use Certificates Manager to export this certificate.
    • Run certmgr.msc
    • Expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities and choose Certificates
    • Find the certificate identified in step 1
    • Right click on this certificate and choose All Tasks - Export
    • Leave all options default and export the certificate to your computer

  3. Import this certificate to Mozilla Firefox
    • Open Mozilla Firefox
    • Open Options - Advanced - Certificates and click on View certificates
    • Click on Import and import the exported certificate from step 2
    • Restart Mozilla Firefox