How to troubleshoot Outlook

This article is about determining a problem to an issue or solving a problem in Microsoft Outlook.

Basic information:
Operating system, its architecture and version.
Outlook version.

Solving a problem, common technical issues and basic information about an issue

Do you meet technical requirements?
Have you tried updating Safetica to solve the problem?
Is a problem always reproducible?
How many endpoints encountered this issue?
Antivirus or the other security sotware and its influence.

The following information we usually need to determine a problem to an issue:

1) Is a MAPI addin activated?
2) Is a network layer activated?

Please check it in:
a, Endpoint deactivation of Safetica Management Console
b, Outlook addins on the problematic endpoint locally

3) Do you use MS Exchange or standard e-mail protocols - SMTP/POP(IMAP)?  

4) Check the Outlook behavior when you deactivate the following components:

a, MAPI addin
b, Network layer
c, DLP service

5) Do you have any other addins in MS Outlook integrated (Kerio etc.)?

6) Is an Outlook profile stored on the network or locally?

7) What is the size of your mailbox and Outlook Data files (.pst and .ost)

Next steps of troubleshooting: Always turn on Active Management and then gather the following debug logs depending on the particular issue.

How to generate appropriate output from the Support Tool when application is not responding you can find HERE.
How to generate appropriate output from the Support Tool when application crashes you can find HERE

It is always valuable to gather "network monitoring logs" in Support Tool options.