How to turn on local activation of debug logs

This article describes how to set the level of Safetica debug logs manually. For example in the case when computer do not have a connection to the Safetica server.

To activate debug logs, navigate to the installation folder of Safetica (usually Program Files\Safetica) and run command -debug x with a specific option: 1 for enabling logs or 0 for disabling them. For option 1 (enabling logs) you can also add a second value for the debug logs level:

  • 100 – verbose
  • 200 – debugging
  • 400 – informative
  • 600 – notifying
  • 800 – errors
  • 1000 – critical errors

When reporting an error to Safetica Support, always use logs of the highest level. The command would, therefore, look like this:

  • STCService.exe -debug 1 100
  • To disable the logs again, enter the command STCService.exe -debug 0

Note: Please remember that when activating advanced debug logs, the end service will generate a large amount of information, so the PC will be exposed to higher loads and greater demands will be placed on free disk space (the information is written into an encrypted file). This is why we recommend disabling advanced logs again after finding/reproducing the source of the problem.