How to update Safetica 7.x or to latest available version of Safetica

Please follow these recommendations in case you have any version of Safetica 7 and you want to update to the latest version of Safetica. These steps will ensure that you transition the server and all clients to the latest version without loss of client connectivity or any other side effects.

A. Update Safetica server and database to version 8.3

  1. Open Safetica Console.
  2. Go to Maintenance - Update
  3. In section Update options, paste the following URL into Use temporary URL field and then click Use:
  4. Confirm the update prompts to update your Safetica Server and Console to version 8.3.

C. Update server and clients to latest available version of Safetica 

Once all Safetica server is updated, you can repeat the update process to the latest available Safetica version, that is offered automatically in Safetica Console. For step-by-step guide of the process see article How to update Safetica server and clients to a new version.