How to update Safetica server and clients to a new version

The process of updating Safetica consists of two parts:

  1. Updating Safetica Management Server and Safetica Management Console
  2. Updating Safetica Clients

When a new update is available, you will see the following message in Safetica Management Console on the Dashboard view:

New version of Safetica is available. Make necessary updates using the Update and Deploy view.

Please follow these steps to update you Safetica server and endpoints:

Update Safetica Management Server and Safetica Management Console

  1. In Safetica Management Console go to Maintenance -> Update and Deploy.
  2. Under Server Update click Download and update to version X.X.XX.
  3. You can track the download progress and once all files are downloaded, the update will launch automatically.
  4. Once the update starts, Safetica Management Console will loose connection to the Safetica Management Server and you will receive a notification about this. Click OK to confirm.
  5. Safetica Management Console will reconnect to the server and detect a new Safetica Management Console (STAConsole) update. Click OK to update the console.
  6. Safetica Management Console will request a restart of the application to finish the update. Click Yes to confirm.
  7. Log into Safetica Management Console and proceed to update your Safetica Clients.

Update Safetica Clients

A Server update is required before you can update Safetica Clients.

  1. In Safetica Management Console go to Maintenance -> Update and Deploy.
  2. Click Install version X.X.XX on endpoints. The version number will correspond to the version of your Safetica Management Server and Safetica Management Console.
  3. Select all computers that you want to update.
    Important: Always update a limited number of clients first and verify all functionality before updating all clients. Changes in system integration, client configuration and other circumstances may require review of settings in Safetica after an update if you encounter unexpected behavior.
  4. Click OK to confirm the list of computers to be updated. An update task will be sent to these stations. You can track the progress in Endpoint overview.
  5. Reboot of endpoints is required to finish the update.

Alternative steps to update Safetica Management Server

In case you encounter any issues when updating Safetica Server, you can also update to the latest version using the full installation file:

  1. Download Safetica installation file at:
  2. Run the file and select Manual installation and component extraction.
  3. Click the SMS button, and then click Update. Wait for the update to finish.
  4. Repeat this step for SMC (Safetica Management Console) and Web (WebSafetica, in case it is installed). 
  5. Then run Safetica Management Console and proceed to update the clients.