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Legacy vs Newgen Safetica for macOS

Legacy vs Newgen Safetica for macOS

Update 10.15 for macOS brings wider options for the protection of endpoint. To do so, Safetica introduces NewGen client for macOS clients with version newer than 10.15. 

How will it work: 

  • Legacy client is applied to versions macOS 10.10 - macOS 10.14
  • NewGen client is applicable for version macOS 10.15 and newer
  • One installer contains both clients, client for deployment is chosen automatically from detected OS version
  • NewGen client contains all Legacy features
  • During the installation process, customer is informed in installer about limited features for older OS (an is recommended update of macOS to version 10.15)
  • Critical bug fixes will be included in both Legacy and NewGen clients
  • Newely developed features will be included only in NewGen version of client

Legacy feature set

  • MacOS installation package is part of a universal installer or it can be exported from Safetica Management Console
  • Discovery (separate features can be deactivated in Functions settings)
    • Application monitor 
    • Web monitor (Only Safari and Google Chrome are supported browsers)
    • Device monitor (USB Mass storage only)
    • File monitor (Logged operations: Create, Rename, Copy, Move (logged as Rename), Delete)
  • Device Control
    • USB mass storage (with support for zones)
  • Maintenance
    • Automatic update of Client and Agent from Safetica Management Console
    • Client deactivation 
    • Client and Agent deactivation from Safetica Management Console 
    • Debuging Information collection from Safetica Management Console
    • Server redirection from Safetica Management Console
    • Local management
  • System protection
    • Safetica processes and folders are protected

NewGen feature set (contains all Legacy features mentioned above + following)

  • Discovery
    • File monitor (Open file, IM sent, Web download, Web upload)