License assignment

If you wish to assign different license types to selected groups of computers, you can do so by creating license assignment rules.

Safetica allows you to combine licenses for multiple Safetica products in one environment. This way you can assign different license types to different groups of users/computers. You can also leave selected computers without Safetica license and thus disable all Safetica features.

Please note that having unprotected computers in your company may result in data loss. For example, operations with files stored on a shared drive cannot be restricted on computers without active Safetica Client.

License assignment can be configured in Safetica Management Console in Maintenance -> License management. You can create rules for enabling/disabling license assignment to selected groups from your user tree.

You can create custom groups in your user tree that will be used for license assignment only.

Please note that due to technical limitations, you cannot assign licenses to a part of terminal users only and leave other users without license. Safetica license will be assigned to either all or none of the terminal users working on the same server. Nevertheless, you can create rules to assign them different types of Safetica license.

To create rules for license assignment, follow these steps:

  1. In Safetica Management Console go to Maintenance -> License management.
  2. In Advanced settings click on Edit license assignment.
  3. Click on Add and choose a user tree nod for which the rule will apply.
  4. Enable/disable license type that will be assigned to the nod from the columns on the top.
  5. Move the rule to desired position in the list. Rules are evaluated from the top.

Safetica licenses for terminal servers and 0ffice 365 accounts are subject to our Fair Use Policy.