Safetica - Licensing

The following article describes the licensing model.


The main difference in-between the Safetica ONE and Safetica NXT licensing is, that Safetica NXT is a pay-as-you-go model. Monthly billing enables flexible cost optimization and all NXT features are covered in one license. 

The Safetica ONE on the other hand allows you to choose exactly the features-set that you're likely to use up to its full potential. You can choose from getting to know your environment dataflow with a Discovery license, to reducing the data-leak risk by upgrading to a Discovery license or utilizing the most advanced features in Enterprise license.

In default, all of the Safetica ONE licenses above focus on the data flow without capturing the user's activities outside the operations related to data. To see the extended user behavior logs, it's possible to extend each license with a UEBA module. 

To see what features are exactly part of each Safetica ONE license, please proceed to the following link: Safetica One features | Safetica