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List of changes in Safetica 10.3

Major improvements

  • Important: Critical update for Office 365 integration which replaces Microsoft Basic Authentication (will stop working in January 2023)
  • macOS: policies for new destination types, Device Control applies to already connected devices, option to deactivate Safetica Client and individual services.
  • Improved record detail for sensitive content analysis results.
  • Extended support for sensitive content analysis in opened files.

  Other changes

  • Safetica updated to use .NET 6, .NET 5 is no longer required

  • Significant performance optimizations for terminal environments
  • On-demand classification tasks only on specified endpoints.
  • Option to deactivate only sensitive data detection, instead of the whole content service.

  • Option to limit Web/Application/Path tagging to selected endpoint.

  • Added sensitive content algorithm for Dutch citizen service numbers (BSN).

  • macOS: Added sensitive content algorithm for REGON

  • Bug fixes and optimizations