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List of changes in Safetica 9.1

This list contains the main changes, improvements, and bug fixes in Safetica 9.1.

Major improvements

  • New rule-based system for configuring sensitive content detection
  • E-mail audit for Office 365's Exchange Online - not dependent on Safetica endpoint clients
  • More standardized Safetica e-mail classification - enables easier integration with third-party e-mail gateways
  • Security audit improvements - simplified UX in WebSafetica and clearer generated reports
  • Chinese for WebSafetica and endpoint clients

Minor changes

  • New notification messages about Office 365 error states and browser compatibility issues in WebSafetica
  • Improved integration with third-party network solutions - synchronized SSL decryption on the endpoints and network
  • Better identification and management of users in larger organizations
  • Enhanced security against attacks on the Safetica Management Server
  • Fixed and simplified views, tables, and charts across WebSafetica
  • Improved endpoint caching of category definitions