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List of changes in Safetica 9.8

This list contains the main changes, improvements and bug fixes in Safetica 9.8

Major improvements

  • New Safetica product line streamlined to detection and response needs and use cases
  • Shadow copy of incident files for further incident investigation
  • Detect and protect file types with new file attribute policies
  • Detect in-transit sensitive data to network file shares
  • Support of label detection in encrypted Azure Information Protection documents
  • Full protection of file operations on Windows Portable Devices (smartphones, multimedia devices)
  • Improved detection of data flow channels on macOS (upload, sending via instant messengers)
  • Extended instant messenger support (Zoom, Signal, Threema)
  • Safetica Mobile: "Fully managed device" mode for Android devices

Other changes

  • Performance improvements for network file operations
  • Enhanced lifecycle of Active Directory users and computers
  • Backend and database performance improvements for large company environments
  • Endpoint stability improvements
  • "Remember my choice" in endpoint notifications can be enabled/disabled
  • Specify trusted sever exceptions including port number
  • Server redirection for macOS endpoints
  • Optimized iOS security analysis for Safetica Mobile