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List of changes in Safetica 10.0

This list contains the main changes, improvements and bug fixes in Safetica 10.0

Major improvements

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for inspecting text content in scanned PDF documents and image files

  • New file content inspection technology

    • Minimized impact on end-user productivity and business-as-usual

    • Support of over 30 file types covering all common documents and text-based files

    • Granular control over file type content inspection

  • Advanced detection of risk for early identification of security threats and DLP events

  • Unified design and user experience improvements of both desktop and web management consoles

  • Safetica ONE Enterprise: Data analytics API for integrating Safetica ONE with third party reporting services

Other changes

  • End of support for Microsoft SQL 2008 R2, Windows 8.0 (Windows 8.1 still supported)

  • Discontinued Safetica Mobile features:

    • Team mood

    • One-time deployment of third party applications

    • Device owner mode for newly enrolled Android devices