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List of changes in Safetica 10.2

OCR language support

  • Secondary language support relevant to countries with special characters and non-Latin character sets (e.g. Chinese customers should set primary language to Chinese AND secondary language to English).

  • New OCR languages added: Lithuanian and Ukrainian


Improved user experience for forced reboots

  • New endpoint notification informs users about the need for forced reboot

  • Pre-reboot time limit increased to 5 minutes

Optimized endpoint updates for large environments

  • When updating, endpoints are now assigned an order number and will update when it’s their turn to load-balance update requests (already available for the 10.2 update)

  • New technology used for component downloading to ensure that connection is established properly

Device Control no longer negatively affects peripherals

  • Device Control now ignores non-mass storage devices

  • Bluetooth setting in Device Control can be configured separately for devices that support file transfer


 Network integration limited to critical apps

  • Simplified network integration which merges network integration and SSL inspection. This limits where our network layer is integrated and lowers the chance of technical issues.
  • Integration is from now on set to the “Compatibility” mode by default. Other modes were removed.

Configuration of multiple SharePoint instances

  • Added support for different configuration for individual SharePoint instances.

Other changes

  • Only 64-bit operating systems are supported for Safetica Management Service, Safetica Management Console, and WebSafetica

  • DLP policy names are included in email and SIEM alerts to help with filtering syslogs

  • Improved memory consumption of WebSafetica reports

  • Bug fixes for Shadow Copy

  • Bug fixes for integration with the latest version of FortiGate