Managed apps - configuration of G Suite and O365 apps

Work Profile and Fully Managed modes for Android offer the managed apps feature which facilitates controlling apps installed from Google Play. You can find it in WebSafetica > Policies > Mobile devices > Managed apps > Manage Android apps.

Each app has its own configuration options. The security of work-related apps, especially the G Suite and O365 apps, plays an important role in the protection of mobile devices. The right combination of all policy settings (restrictions, passwords, apps configuration, etc...) brings Safetica Mobile security to a new level. However, configuration can still be difficult for users, and IT administrators cannot manually configure all apps on every device, especially in large organizations. Therefore, app configurations are distributed along with apps and get automatically added to them, so they are ready to be used during installation.

You can use variables to preconfigure values for users (e.g. email addresses that the user will use in Gmail or Outlook). Available variables:

  • $email$ - email from invitation
  • $username$ - name from invitation
  • $fullname$ - login name from Microsoft Active Directory

Below is a list of several G Suite and O365 configuration options. You can learn more about recommended settings for work-related apps in Safetica Knowledge Base.



You can set up:

  • Email address
  • Hostname or Host
  • Username
  • Authentication types
  • Allow unmanaged accounts
  • And others



You can set up:

  • Email address
  • Exchange server URL
  • Domain of user account
  • Username
  • Server authentication method
  • Allowed accounts
  • And others


Web browsers

Chrome and Edge

You can set up:

  • Allow/Block access to a list of URLs
  • Define domains allowed to access G Suite
  • Proxy settings
  • Incognito mode availability
  • Enable printing
  • Disable saving browser history
  • Enable saving passwords to the password manager
  • Block popups on these sites
  • Allowed accounts (Edge only)
  • And others


Doc apps

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

You can set up:

  • App is allowed to use local printing APIs
  • Enables the app to run on devices without Google accounts

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and More

You can set up:

  • Allowed accounts