How to integrate Netwrix Data Classification with Safetica ONE

Enhance your data discovery and classification

Our partnership with Netwrix helps you extend sensitive data discovery and classification. You can learn more about the advantages of integrating with Netwrix Data Classification on our website.

Safetica integration currently allows easy creation and management of Netwrix data categories in Safetica Management Console.


In this article, you will learn:

What prerequisites must be met?

  • Have the Netwrix Data Classification solution from Netwrix.
  • Have the Safetica Compliance license from Safetica.
  • Export the desired Netwrix taxonomy XML from Netwrix Data Classification, and import it into Safetica ONE according to the steps described below.​


Export the Netwrix taxonomy XML from Netwrix Data Classification

1. Open Netwrix Data Classification and go to the Dashboard.

2. Click the Content Configuration icon and select Taxonomies.

3. Click Global Settings.

4. Select one or more data categories you want to export, and click Export.

5. The Netwrix taxonomy XML file with selected data categories is created and stored on your computer.


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Import the Netwrix taxonomy XML into Safetica Management Console

1. Open Safetica Management Console and go to Protection > Data categories.

2. Click Manage Netwrix data categories.

3. Click Import configuration XML and select the Netwrix taxonomy XML file that you exported from Netwrix Data Classification

New Netwrix data categories will be created and displayed in the table below. You can remove the ones you do not need.

4. Confirm with Finish.

5. You will see the imported Netwrix data categories listed among all the other data categories in Safetica Management Console.

How to use Netwrix data categories in DLP policies and data discovery?

You can use Netwrix data categories to set up DLP policies and data discovery tasks. You will also see them in DLP logs.


What will the admin see in logs?

To learn where to find the results of data discovery tasks, and also to see what files leave your company and were "caught" by one of your DLP policies, click here.