Current Office 365 integration issues

This article describes the issues caused by Microsoft feature changes and how to overcome them.

The main issue causing the Office 365 integration to fail is user authentication. Due to internal changes by Microsoft, the older system used for Azure authentication is deprecated and no longer supported by Microsoft. Therefore, we switched to MSAL to overcome this issue in Safetica 10.2.

The changes are included in Safetica 10.2.67, which isn't yet public in Safetica Management Console. However, it can be downloaded here:


Please follow these prerequisites before integration:

  • The MSAL authentication requires .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime (v6.0.8) installed.
  • If authentication on the server fails in Internet Explorer, set a different browser (e.g. Chrome) as default or run the integration from the workstation.
  • The authentication window won't open in the console as before, but you will be redirected to the web, where you can proceed with authentication. Time is limited for this operation, so if you take too long, you will have to repeat the entire process.

Our development team also works on a new M365 CASB integration technology. This feature will be enabled as an option in Safetica 10.3 (which should be released in September 2022).