Office 365 integration prerequisites

In this article, you will learn which prerequisites need to be met to integrate with O365 successfully.

Information in this article applies to Safetica ONE 10 or older.

The steps described below need to be performed by all users who haven’t yet configured the Safetica Office 365 integration or who are setting up a new tenant. Also, if you are experiencing issues with Safetica Office 365 integration, please check these settings before contacting Safetica Support.


  1. You need to have Safetica version 10.3.86 and newer.

  2. It requires .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime (v6.0.8) installed 

  3. Allow PowerShell Basic Authentication

    On the server where you run the WebSafetica service, WinRM Client needs to have Basic Authentication allowed for remote PowerShell connections. This is necessary even though Safetica uses modern authentication to connect to Exchange Online. The reason is explained here. Use the following commands to turn on Basic Authentication on your server with WebSafetica service:


    Command Prompt

    winrm set winrm/config/client/auth @{Basic="true"}


    winrm set winrm/config/client/auth '@{Basic="true"}'