Product lifecycle and end of life

Support stages

The support of each Safetica version goes through the same process. There is Full support which is guaranteed for every major release. The previous version is still supported but switched to Basic support. At the end of Basic support, the project ends and reaches its End-of-life status. This article describes the standard process, please note that there can be extended support available case by case.

  • Full support - Compatibility with new versions of operating systems, all problems and vulnerabilities will be fixed and addressed, and bugs reported to technical support will be fixed.
  • Basic support - Problems may be fixed, technical support is still available, but there is no guarantee that all bugs will be fixed.
  • End of life - No updates or patches are available, support may continue, but is not guaranteed.

Safetica versions

Version Release date Status
10.3 19th October 2022 Full support
10.2 5th April 2022 Full support
10.1 18th January 2022 Basic support

All versions older than 9.9 have already reached their end of life. If you are not sure about the level of support or the latest version, please contact Safetica Support.

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