Regular events and tasks in Safetica

This article lists all regular events and actions of Safetica components, such as synchronization and maintenance tasks.

Safetica server

Event Description Period
Alerts Processing of triggered alerts created by Safetica clients or server; evaluation of rules associated with email alerts 5 minutes
Alerts analysis Alerts generated from logs created by Safetica server 2 hours
Reports Reports generated based on a set of rules; criteria for creation of reports are evaluated each period  60 minutes
Active Directory synchronization Regular check of changes in AD structure 4 hours

Database tasks

Event Description Time/day
Database maintenance Removal of stored data when database at 90% of capacity (if enabled) daily, 0:30AM
Database optimization Removal of unused items in the database, recalculation of indexes, database compression Saturdays, 11:30PM
Database backup  Backup of database into MSSQL Backup folder daily, 12:10 AM
Manual database backup Can be set in Safetica Console - Maintenance - Database management - New archivation task configurable

Safetica Console

Event Description Period
Update of user information Automatic reload of new information about users (activity, deactivation, etc.) 30 seconds
Alerts Automatic reload of new alerts triggered by Safetica clients or server 1 minute
Server reconnect Reconnect attempt to a disconnected server 30 seconds
Check of new Safetica version Automatic check of Safetica update availability upon launch

Safetica Client

Event Description Period
Client logs synchronization Regular communication from client to server 3 minutes (configurable)
Client update check Regular check of new configuration by client 2 minutes (configurable)