Safetica ONE 11 What is included in the initial release?

The first release of Safetica ONE 11 does not yet support all previously supported use cases, but it is ready for Discovery and Protection customers of less than 500 seats.

Brand new web-based console with:

  • Data, app, and website records

  • Data, app, and website protection policies

  • Safetica unified classification - unifies all the file classification technologies we have used previously (i.e. sensitive content, context rules, and file property classifications). You can now combine all kinds of data classifications and create combinations previously not available.

  • Reworked workspace management.

  • Safetica UEBA: Detailed web, app, and email records

  • Core maintenance:

    • Device management

    • User management

    • Safetica account management

Other features and maintenance (e.g. alerts with SIEM integration, advanced maintenance, etc.) are available in the companion Safetica Maintenance Console.


Safetica ONE 10 vs Safetica ONE 11



What is coming later, and when exactly?

For a detailed feature transfer plan, look at our roadmap.


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