Safetica Escalation Protocol


An escalation in context of this document means raising visibility of either an ongoing communication with a distributor/partner to accelerate its resolution or bringing a new critical issue to Safetica’s attention.

The goal of an escalation is to ensure that the escalated communication/issue will be resolved in the shortest possible time beyond the extent of standard support process, including resolution outside business hours, and/or with immediate direct involvement of non-support teams (Quality Assurance, Development, etc.).

The effort put into resolving escalated issues on Safetica’s side requires also an extended effort and cooperation on Partner’s side. Without cooperation from the Partner, Safetica reserves the right to charge the Partner for the effort put into resolving the escalation where it was not met with equal effort from the Partner and was therefore spent without purpose. The charge will be calculated on man-hour basis, according to the valid price list.

Business and Technical Escalation

There is a difference in Business related and technical escalation initiation: 

  • Business Escalation can be initiated once a reputation, quality of provided services or products, or resources invested in the project are endangered. 
  • Technical Escalation should be initiated if a product issue or missing feature influence at least a significant majority of customer's environment. 

How to initiate an escalation

To start an escalation, please use one of the files attached, fill it and send to respective email address.