Safetica Fair Use Policy for terminal servers and Office 365 accounts

Safetica employs a Fair Use Policy for utilization of Safetica licenses on terminal servers and in environments with Office 365 users protected by Safetica.

Based on the policy, when you purchase Safetica for e.g. 300 endpoints, you can also deploy Safetica to one or more terminal servers with no more than 300 terminal users, regardless of whether they also use a separate endpoint protected by Safetica. If you also connect Safetica to your Office 365 environment, the policy allows you to protect up to 300 Office 365 accounts/users, regardless of whether the same users have Safetica deployed to their endpoints.

In case you need to protect more terminal users or Office 365 accounts/users than your Safetica seats, you need to purchase the additional seats even if the number of your endpoints is lower.