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Safetica HUB Basics

Welcome to Safetica HUB!

Safetica HUB is your all-in-one console for centrally managing complex, multi-domain environments. It brings you an overview of your customers, issues with their endpoints, and potential threats to their data security. With Safetica HUB, you can onboard and remove customers and visit their Safetica NXT consoles.

Getting started with Safetica HUB

Setting up Safetica HUB is a breeze, you will be up and running in no time. But first, get to know its key components:

Customer overview

Here you can see your customers of all types (cloud and DEMO) and whether they have any issues.

Crucial info at your fingertips

Based on the information in the table columns, you can decide whether to take any action with individual customers. 

You can click the values in the columns and be forwarded to the relevant sections of that particular customer's Safetica NXT.

  • Customer status - informs you about customer enrollment process and highlights any problems.
  • Endpoint issues - lets you know about potential problems with Safetica on individual customer endpoints.
  • Threats - displays the number of high-risk events and warns you about possible data leaks. Based on this information, you can proactively investigate risky events happening at your customers in more detail.

Taking action

In the Actions column, you can:

  • visit customers’ Safetica NXT consoles
  • delete customers

New customer enrollment

Choose between new cloud and DEMO customers. Adding cloud customers is easy and only takes a few clicks. DEMO customers include dummy data and can be used to introduce Safetica features during sales presentations.

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