Safetica Mobile enrollment modes

Android devices

On Android devices, Safetica Mobile can be used in two different modes – Work Profile or Fully Managed.


Personal devices

For personal devices, we create a protected Work Profile that separates company apps, accounts, and data from the user’s private space. Outside the Work Profile, users can use their phones as usual. Within the Work Profile, the admin can configure and control apps, and users can only install apps approved by the admin, which are displayed in the controlled version of Google Play. Users can tell that they are using a controlled app by the suitcase icon in the upper part of the screen (please see the screenshots):


Separation of personal and work-related apps


Standard vs controlled Google Play

Note: If you do not want to use the Work Profile, you can install the Safetica Mobile app in the Device Admin mode. Many features, however, will be disabled. This type of enrollment is not recommended for Android 10.


Company-owned devices

For company-owned (Fully Managed mode) devices, the admin controls the whole contents of the device and users can only install apps that have been approved by the admin. There is no standard Google Play store available, and users can only use the controlled Google Play with approved apps.


Environment and Google Play store on a company-owned (Fully Managed) device



Personal devices

Personal devices use the Unsupervised mode and are controlled by the admin via an MDM profile. The admin can control apps installed as “controlled apps”, forbid data sharing between controlled and uncontrolled apps, set restrictions, and perform some other tasks (e.g. lock the device).

Company-owned devices

For company-owned devices, we offer the Supervised mode, in which the admin can control the whole device. The admin of a supervised device can set more restrictions (e.g. forbid AirDrop), locate the device when it is lost, or restore factory settings.