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Safetica NXT Data security - Overview

See the context to files that leave your company

The Overview section in Data security focuses on providing details about outgoing file transfers from endpoints with installed Safetica NXT. Since users may perform hundreds of such operations every day, Safetica NXT determines which of them might cause data leaks and highlights them as risky events. After the admin filters out high-risk events, they will see operations that need their attention with the highest priority.

In Data security > Overview, you can:

open Safetica NXT Help

choose the time range for which to display events

click the high-risk events link to filter high-risk events in the Event overview table, the Events per user table, and the Events in time chart

see who initiated the most file transfers and how many of them were risky. Black numbers indicate the total number of events initiated by that particular user; red numbers indicate how many of them were high-risk.

Click the red number to filter high-risk events initiated by that particular user in the Event overview table, the Events per user table, and the Events in time chart.

see how the number of total and risky events changed in time. You can filter low, medium, or high-risk events by clicking the legend on the left side of the chart.

You can change the time range right in the chart - just click on the starting point of your desired time range and then drag the mouse all the way to where you want it to end.

timepicker in chart

see the specific reasons why an event was classified as risky - just hover the mouse on the risk level of that event

filter records to discover and investigate risky events. You can apply several filters at once.

store your own custom filters under a name. You can then use these custom filters to only display information you are interested in. There are also several default filters available in the My filters drop-down, so you can investigate important issues faster right after deploying Safetica.

download records as an .xlsx file

add or remove columns in the Event overview table

see the details of an event by clicking the little arrow on the left.

The details always contain info from columns that are not selected in the Event overview table.

decide whether an event is Risky or Safe and create a new detection rule directly from the Event overview table by clicking the that appears on hover.

set up email alerts that will inform you immediately when a risky event happens in the company.

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