Safetica ONE Beta program info

Learn more about the Safetica ONE Beta program, its rules, and how we both can benefit from it.

What is the Safetica ONE Beta program, and why do you want to be in it?

The Safetica ONE Beta program lets customers try the latest features of our newly released Safetica ONE version. By participating in the program, you provide Safetica with valuable feedback and help us improve our products. 


Who can join the Safetica ONE Beta program? 

The Safetica ONE Beta program is open to all our current customers and partners. 


How do members benefit from the Safetica ONE Beta program? 

Members of our Safetica ONE Beta program benefit from early access to new features, direct communication with the Safetica development team, and the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and help shape the product. 

  • The possibility to book product calls with product managers. 
  • Access to not-yet-available functionality. 
  • Sneak peek and exclusive access to early product designs before they enter development.  
  • Prioritized response to feedback and bug reports. 
  • Access to exclusive product surveys which will affect the roadmap and its priorities. 


After joining the program, we expect members to: 

  • Download and evaluate new Safetica ONE 11 builds as they are released (about every month during an active beta program). 
  • Submit suggestions for things you would like improved. 
  • Participate in short product calls (at least quarterly). 
  • Provide us with debug logs that will help us investigate any potential issues. 


How can you join the Safetica ONE Beta program? 

Simply fill out the registration form here: Join to Safetica ONE Beta program

Once you have filled out the form, you will receive complete information on where to find the Safetica ONE 11 installer, how to install it, how to test it, and what new features it offers.