Coming soon

What’s in development

  • Aggregation of file operations – mass file transfers displayed as one event (row) in the Event overview table
  • Automation of customer registration form in Safetica HUB (integration with internal systems)
  • Management of detection rules  from the data flow (via Data security > Overview)
  • Integration of elements on the Dashboard with relevant modules in Safetica NXT
  • Default filters aimed at interesting events in the data flow 

What’s planned

  • New module in Safetica NXT related to Users
  • More effective troubleshooting process with simplified usability and advanced logging capabilities
  • Direct access into Safetica NXT for customers
  • Alerting key events in the customer's perimeter

What’s in research

  • Content inspection
  • Improved onboarding process (Azure Active Directory account activation)
  • Improved detection – comparing the time of each file transfer with standard employee’s working hours
  • Improved detection – comparing certain attributes (channel, destination, application, ...) with company standard to identify anomalies in data transfers