Coming soon

What’s in development

  • Content inspection (milestone 1) - classification of events based on default and custom content classification rules
  • Anomaly detection - comparing certain attributes (such as channel, destination, application, time, or domain) with company standard to identify anomalies in data transfers
  • Advanced filtering capabilities for events
  • Additional data and features for the Users module
  • More detailed information about risk classification reasons (risk indicators)

What’s planned

  • Content inspection (milestone 2) - empowering incident detection by content scanning
  • Access management for Safetica NXT & Safetica HUB users via Safetica HUB
  • Subscription & order management in Safetica HUB
  • Multiselect option in the detection rules settings

What’s in research

  • Advanced scenarios for the Users module (login trail, audit trail)
  • Security audit report
  • Distribution view