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Workflow control

Workflow control is a set of exclusive Safetica ONE Enterprise features to control how users are allowed to work, regardless of the data involved. This differs from DLP policies which are tied to specific data and control what is and what isn't allowed to happen with a specific data category.

In Safetica ONE, Workflow control includes:

  • Application DLP policies (i.e. policies for managing various types of applications, such as CRM)
  • DLP policy rules:
      • Other network connection
      • Local paths
      • Exclusive access

Workflow control is very powerful, but it can negatively affect a company's BAU and disrupt the work of end users. Proper configuration of these expert features usually requires deep understanding of Safetica.

Workflow control features are intended mainly for enterprise-sized companies and companies with complex needs (e.g. enforcing a specific secure process and blocking all other ways of performing an action).