Clipboard behavior

Information in this article applies to Safetica ONE 10 or older.

For data categories defined by existing classification or context rules you can select between moderate and strict clipboard modes. These modes affect how strictly the user experience when working with clipboard is restricted. Clipboard content is evaluated based on built-in heuristics, and the behavior might differ when the content is considered potentially risky - strict mode means that fewer user actions are allowed, hence more maintenance might be needed from the administrator's side to troubleshoot problems.

These modes are not available for data categories defined by sensitive content - for these, clipboard is restricted when specified sensitive content is found in it.

Moderate clipboard mode

This mode is default and recommended, as it enables the user to work freely.

In moderate mode, the data category does not spread via clipboard, which means no unexpected DLP policies and restrictions are applied to additional applications or data. DLP restrictions related to clipboard are only applied when risky content is being copied. Content such as a simple number, a single e-mail address or other contact detail is not considered risky, and will therefore be allowed.

Strict clipboard mode

This mode is rather restrictive and suitable when strict protection is required, even at the expense of user experience.

In strict mode, restrictions spread via clipboard when copying risky content - this may lead to unexpected behavior as DLP policies and their restrictions are applied to additional applications. DLP restrictions for clipboard use are applied at all times, regardless of what is included in the clipboard.

Clipboard behavior overview

  Clipboard use is allowed Clipboard use is restricted
Moderate clipboard mode

The data category and subsequent restrictions do not spread outside of the original application

Risky clipboard content is restricted

Strict clipboard mode

When risky content is copied, DLP policy restrictions spread to other applications

All clipboard content is restricted