Integrations: How to link AAD accounts

How to connect Safetica NXT to Azure Active Directory (AAD)

To connect AAD to Safetica NXT, it is necessary to create a registered application in AAD that has rights to read groups and users. The exact procedure is as follows (see also a short video below):

  1. Create a registered application
  2. Copy TenantId and ApplicationId from the application detail
  3. Create ApplicationSecret and copy its value.
  4. Assign application rights Group.ReadAll and User.ReadAll and "Grant administrator consent" to them
  5. Enter the TenantId, ApplicationId and ApplicationSecret values ​​in the Safetica NXT console.

If everything is fine, no error pops up. If it is not, then it is necessary to check the created application whether the access data and rights are used correctly.




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