Installing Apple Configuration Profiles on macOS devices

Install Apple Configuration Profiles on your macOS devices to simplify permission configuration necessary for Safetica.


Learn how to configure the permissions necessary for Safetica on macOS devices by installing Apple Configuration Profiles. These profiles contain the system permissions required for Safetica functionality.

You can download the Apple Configuration Profile signed by Safetica here.
In the case of Microsoft Intune use this unassigned Apple Configuration Profile here.

Distribution via MDM only: Apple Configuration Profiles can only be distributed and installed via MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Reasons for installing our signed Apple Configuration Profile

  • Streamline Safetica functionality.
  • Ensure correct functioning of file audit and obtain the necessary logs.
  • Read data from the system and apps (e.g URLs of visited websites).
  • Enable user notifications and alerts.
  • Solve this issue with Safari and Chrome (repeated requests to allow web audit are shown to end user)

Manual permissions vs. Apple Configuration Profiles: While it is possible to manually set permissions on macOS after Safetica installation, doing so may result in repetitive and less user-friendly pop-ups in web browsers.  

With configuration profiles, this issue does not happen.


Installing the Apple Configuration Profile

To install an Apple Configuration Profile:

  1. Have Safetica Client already installed on the macOS device.
  2. Download the Apple Configuration Profile signed by Safetica here.
  3. Distribute the downloaded profile to devices using your preferred MDM solution.

If you need a free MDM option, consider:

  • jumpcloud (free for up to 10 devices and users)

Other MDM solutions you can use: