Devices: How to troubleshoot device issues from Safetica NXT

Learn how to collect troubleshooting logs from selected devices and report issues to Safetica Support

Troubleshooting in Safetica NXT allows you to collect crucial system logs from a selected endpoint to help analyze the root cause of a problem. Collected troubleshooting logs are stored in Azure cloud storage. You will only receive a link that you need to share with Safetica Support as part of your support ticket.

To troubleshoot an endpoint:

  1. Go to the Endpoints section.
  2. Find the respective endpoint in the Endpoint overview table.
  3. On the right, click and select Troubleshoot .

You can choose to either: a. collect existing logs into Azure
                                         b. activate Enhanced logging for that particular endpoint

Enhanced logging is activated for 1 hour, but you can stop it manually even before that limit is over. 

This means, you can activate enhanced logging, reproduce the problem, and stop enhanced logging right after that.

More information will be logged during this time, which can be very helpful when trying to troubleshoot a malfunctioning endpoint. After enhanced logging finishes, the system will automatically start log collection into Azure.

You must try to reproduce the issue on the problematic endpoint after enhanced logging is activated.

  4.   Log collection may take several hours. Progress is indicated by a spinner.

For endpoints where troubleshooting logs have never been collected, the icon is greyed-out and inactive. Once log collection is finished, becomes active and the date of last collection appears next to it. This way, you can tell at first glance when you last troubleshooted an issue on that particular endpoint.

   5.   Click the activated to display more details along with the link to the processed troubleshooting logs (archived in Azure).

   6.   Copy the link to clipboard by clicking .

   7.   Click the Safetica Support link and create a new support ticket.

   8.   Paste the copied link into the support ticket along with further description of the issue and submit it to Safetica Support.