Enroll and manage endpoints

In the Endpoints section, you can download the installer to install Safetica to new endpoints. Afterwards, you will see an overview of installed endpoints and all available information regarding their state. You can see the endpoint name, operating system, current status  (if the status is not green, it is reflected in the Endpoint issues column in Safetica HUB), current Safetica version, last response, info about troubleshooting, and context menu on the right.

In Endpoints, you can: 

  download the installer to install Safetica NXT to new endpoints

  see Safetica status, such as whether it is deployed, needs to be updated, on which computers it is deactivated, and so on

  update all endpoints that are in Outdated version state

 initiate the collection of troubleshooting info from problematic endpoints or uninstall Safetica NXT from particular endpoints

  see when an endpoint last communicated and sent its logs

  send collected troubleshooting info to Safetica Support and see the date when the info was last collected

  use the filter and display only endpoints with desired Windows and macOS versions

 use the filter and display only endpoints where Safetica is in a specific state (such as where it needs to be updated, where it is deactivated, and so on)

  click the little arrow to open endpoint detail with useful information

You can also sort the Event overview table by clicking the column headers.


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