Safetica NXT FAQ

What are the limitations of Safetica NXT compared to Safetica ONE?

Safetica NXT has a slightly limited feature set when compared to the on-premises product Safetica ONE:

  • Safetica NXT supports data classifications that are based on sensitive content (without the option to use custom dictionaries) and restrictions applied to files of selected file types (File properties data classification in Safetica ONE).
  • Destinations (Workspace or Zones in Safetica ONE) are limited to website addresses, email addresses, and USB devices.
  • Disk guard, Device control, and BitLocker are not yet available in Safetica NXT.
  • Integrations with 3rd party solutions (Microsoft 365, Fortinet, SIEM) are not available.


What is the pricing and licensing model of Safetica NXT?

The licensing model of Safetica NXT is user-based. Domain users working on multiple computers or terminal servers are counted just once. For more details about the pricing for your region, please contact our sales representative.


Where is Safetica NXT hosted?

Safetica NXT is hosted in an Azure data center located in the European Union. Therefore, it follows all the security standards of Azure. Safetica is also a certified Microsoft partner, and when building Safetica NXT, we followed all Microsoft best practice recommendations.
Should you need more details about the security of this solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We're planning to host Safetica NXT in data centers in other regions as well. For more details, contact us at


What file types does Safetica NXT recognize?

Safetica NXT can recognize these file types (for audit purposes).
Safetica NXT can perform content analysis for these file types.